UKIP North Down wishing everyone a Happy Christmas.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to all our viewers whether on this page, Facebook or Twitter.

We in Northern Ireland face an uncertain political future given recent revelations which question the very competency of our local administration.

Put simply we do not have the required talent available within Stormont to effectively lead or govern our people.

Hopefully change will come and we will face 2017 with renewed trust in those who administer this Province.

Merry Christmas.

John Rees-Evans Visits Northern Ireland

John Rees-Evans gave an inspiring presentation to UKIP Northern Ireland members on Saturday.

He was able to devote a considerable amount of time to members questions over a wide range of subjects.

Even if JRE is not selected as leader of UKIP he will certainly be an excellent candidate for MP in an upcoming Westminster Election.

I would personally wish to thank JRE for making the effort to visit the members in Northern Ireland and perhaps apologise that he did not receive an appropriate Ulster welcome during the AGM which he also attended.

 Cyflymder Duw

John Rees-Evans

After years of supporting from the behind the scenes, John Rees-Evans begins explaining why he has finally decided to play a foreground role for UKIP, but while filming he is surprised by an encounter in the street.