A new study by the Institute of Fiscal Studies proves that UKIP were right to ‘stand alone’ in resisting delays to state pension for women.

Andrew Charalambous, UKIP’s Work and Pensions Spokesman claimed “The effect of cutting £74 a week from household benefits has been to make older women poorer and to significantly increase the likelihood British pensioners will find themselves trapped in poverty. We cannot stand by while so many British pensioners, who worked hard to build the British economy, will have to choose again in a few months time between heating and eating”.

The IFS has demonstrated that absolute poverty rates fir British women aged between 60 and 62 had soared from 15 to 21%. Reforms to state pension are saving the Treasury £4.2bn a year but leaving a million more women with £50 a week less in their purse.

Charalambous went on to say “Tory blind austerity has failed Britain. 7.6 million women will lose nearly £10,000 each yet public sector debt is still standing tall at £1.75trn. UKIP appear to be the only party fighting to stop our country becoming a nation where only the very wealthy can afford to retire.”

Anne Marie Waters UKIP Campaign Launch

Anne Marie Waters recently announced her bid for UKIP leadership. At a venue in Rotherham, Anne Marie outlined her vision for UKIP. In the hour long speech she launched her Manifesto for Forgotten Britain, explaining to a room full of UKIP members why she is the strong leader the party, and Britain, needs.


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Sounds Fishy

Sometimes a notice appears, you are not too sure when but you ignore it. Then one day it catches your eye.

Belfast Corporation act 1930 prohibiting the gathering of shellfish from the shores of Belfast Lough due to the risk of contamination by sewage pollution.

Also the warning of the risk due to incoming tides, perhaps an unusual occurrence which we need to be made aware off.

However, it is the risk of sewage pollution that is the most startling. Given the millions spent on sewage treatment works, not to mention the other millions spent on storm water management I would have thought that problem was well and truly sorted.

Anyone for a swim?