Montgomery- NI Executive keeping people in the dark; literally.


UKIP Councillor for North Down John Montgomery was shocked recently reading a complaint from a ratepayer.

“It would appear that the not fit for purpose Stormont Executive is keeping a local resident in the dark – quite literally.”

In this residents street, Ballycrochan Avenue, there are three street lights not working. Dutifully reporting these issues to DRD, the resident could hardly have been more surprised at the response she received from the department.

“Street lighting maintenance is currently restricted to the repair of safety issues only, such as knocked down columns or column doors missing, due to a reduction of Transport NI funding. The details of the fault you reported will be kept on file and repairs will be carried out when funding becomes available. I am sorry that I cannot be of further help at this time.”

Commenting on the case, Cllr Montgomery said:

“I could not believe my eyes when I read this correspondence. This is nothing short of a scandalous reply and one which will impact negatively on residents on so many levels. Personal safety is one which bears highlighting, not to mention trips and falls due to the absence of lighting. This in unacceptable and I will be pursuing the matter.”

Commenting further, the UKIP Cllr said:

“We all pay our rates and expect to receive an appropriate level of service in return, this issue could affect all of us at any time. Yet again the Executive have failed to deliver for ordinary people. This is a recurring theme it would seem.”

Royal Regiment Of Scotland


Councillor John Montgomery was delighted today to have been part of the welcome to North Down of the First battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Commenting on the event, Cllr Montgomery said:

“It was an exceptional event in the life of Holywood to see the Regiment march through it’s streets. The welcome was as warm as the weather, with crowds lining the streets cheering as the troops passed by, perhaps it was the children from local schools where the greatest excitement lay. They were so excited to witness such a spectacle cheering and jumping for joy, perhaps even a little mesmerised by what was unfolding in front of their eyes.”

Commenting further, the UKIP Cllr for North Down Said:

“I do hope the regiment enjoy their stay with us, we in North Down have so much to offer the soldiers and their families especially friendship. I also wish they remain safe wherever they are deployed in this uncertain world.”