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North Down politicians show support for Translink services

Translink has met with North Down politicians to discuss local bus and rail services.

At a meeting in Bangor Bus & Rail Centre, local representatives heard about the latest service performance.

Translink Service Delivery Manager (bus services), Richard Hudson, said:

“Local bus services are performing well with passenger numbers up compared to the previous year. We continue to encourage more people to take advantage of Smartlink cards to make great cost savings. For example, you could save £1.25 per journey using a Smartlink card compared to a single cash fare for travel between Bangor and Belfast. Our Town Service card is also just £2.50 for unlimited all-day bus travel in and around Bangor.

Translink NI Railways Route Manager David Graham added:

“Train travel continues to grow in popularity with the Bangor Line passenger numbers up 6% compared to last year. We recently released our latest independent Passenger’s Charter monitoring results which show the highest ever passenger satisfaction levels for NI Railways and Ulsterbus. NI Railways also exceeded its reliability and punctuality targets with ratings for value for money and train cleanliness also extremely high.


“With value for money a top priority, we would remind regular commuters to look into possible savings using weekly and monthly tickets plus all 16-23 year olds can enjoy a third-off bus and rail travel using a Translink ‘yLink’ card. For off-peak commuters, our third-off day return travel after 9.30am also continues to be popular. If anyone needs advice on choosing the best ticket and journey options to meet their individual travel needs, just call our contact centre on tel. 90 66 66 30 or click for full details.

David Continued


“We appreciate local politicians taking the time to find out about our latest developments and would ask for their support for public transport, helping us attract more customers and making life better for more people in North Down,”

Montgomery- NI Executive keeping people in the dark; literally.


UKIP Councillor for North Down John Montgomery was shocked recently reading a complaint from a ratepayer.

“It would appear that the not fit for purpose Stormont Executive is keeping a local resident in the dark – quite literally.”

In this residents street, Ballycrochan Avenue, there are three street lights not working. Dutifully reporting these issues to DRD, the resident could hardly have been more surprised at the response she received from the department.

“Street lighting maintenance is currently restricted to the repair of safety issues only, such as knocked down columns or column doors missing, due to a reduction of Transport NI funding. The details of the fault you reported will be kept on file and repairs will be carried out when funding becomes available. I am sorry that I cannot be of further help at this time.”

Commenting on the case, Cllr Montgomery said:

“I could not believe my eyes when I read this correspondence. This is nothing short of a scandalous reply and one which will impact negatively on residents on so many levels. Personal safety is one which bears highlighting, not to mention trips and falls due to the absence of lighting. This in unacceptable and I will be pursuing the matter.”

Commenting further, the UKIP Cllr said:

“We all pay our rates and expect to receive an appropriate level of service in return, this issue could affect all of us at any time. Yet again the Executive have failed to deliver for ordinary people. This is a recurring theme it would seem.”

Royal Regiment Of Scotland


Councillor John Montgomery was delighted today to have been part of the welcome to North Down of the First battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Commenting on the event, Cllr Montgomery said:

“It was an exceptional event in the life of Holywood to see the Regiment march through it’s streets. The welcome was as warm as the weather, with crowds lining the streets cheering as the troops passed by, perhaps it was the children from local schools where the greatest excitement lay. They were so excited to witness such a spectacle cheering and jumping for joy, perhaps even a little mesmerised by what was unfolding in front of their eyes.”

Commenting further, the UKIP Cllr for North Down Said:

“I do hope the regiment enjoy their stay with us, we in North Down have so much to offer the soldiers and their families especially friendship. I also wish they remain safe wherever they are deployed in this uncertain world.”

Inter-cultural coffee morning at SERC Bangor


I attended an inter-cultural coffee morning at SERC Bangor campus on Friday 26th September having accepted invite to join with language school for a cup of coffee and some food sampling from different countries. I was privileged to meet SERC international students and their language tutors. What an enthusiastic bunch they are, I have rarely seen such dedication in a classroom not just welcoming but keen to promote all aspects of language schooling.

The event was designed to highlight the European Day of Languages when schools and colleges from all over Europe celebrate languages and cultures from all over the world


At the same time they were taking part in the McMillan Cancer support coffee mornings to raise awareness, and a few pennies for the wonderful cancer nurses.

A big thank you and well done to Tessa Barrett, Assistant Head of School (Access to Education) and her staff for the invitation and a wonderful event.

Simon Weston at Aspects



The Simon Weston event at the Aspects Irish Literature festival was remarkable in that we heard of how the horrific injury’s sustained by simon were the catalyst for an amazingly successful life thereafter. He is involved in a number of ventures giving employment to a diverse range of talents.

What was so heartening was his proclamation on being British and Welsh “By the grace of God” He also was a strong supporter of Margaret Thatcher and felt she was our Boudica, the right leader at he time of the Falklands conflict.

Asked if given his profile had he considered going into politics.

He replied that he could not lie to people, a damning indictment of today’s politicians.




The combined Commonwealth GDP stands at some $8.4 trillion dollars, and growing. Its projected annual growth is 3.7%, and even higher in African and Asian Nations – 5.0% and 6.5% respectively. The Commonwealth labour force has been forecast to increase by 60%, or 825million by 2050, along with its’ burgeoning Commonwealth middle-class.

Last year the UK’s total trade with the Commonwealth was estimated at some £54.9billion pounds. The Commonwealth directly impacts on the UK’s global trade patterns. Great Britain and the Commonwealth have the foundations of a beautiful working relationship.

The Commonwealth consistently outperforms European competitors on a significant number of economic world rankings, and Yes, this demonstrates that the choice for the UK to remain solely with the EU is economically arbitrary. This relationship must be altered to reflect a more positive Commonwealth re-balance.

Winston continued –

That is why countries which are members of the Commonwealth are there, purely of their own accord, and were in most cases, initially interlinked with each other by way of trade. Therefore it would be quite natural for Commonwealth members to rekindle those old trade relationships, thus restoring, or even surpassing, its members’ former glory.

The UK should withdraw from the EU and go back to the original European Economic Area, principles of engagement, with the continent (by way of bilateral trade agreements), and should establish a free trade “Commonwealth Market.”

Great Britain should then negotiate bilateral trade agreements with the EU.

The UK would also be in a position to go forth and push for being the bridge, linking trade between Commonwealth countries and the EU


McNarry takes Northern Ireland into heart of National Politics at UKIP Autumn Conference



McNarry takes Northern Ireland into heart of National Politics at UKIP Autumn Conference

People are crying out for leadership right across the country.
UKIP are connecting and putting to shame those old parties that are out of touch and hanging onto power. Tepid Tories and lacklustre Lib-Dems see governance as a form of over loaded social engineering and political correctness. They don’t get it – they never have – they never will.
This nation is unsettled – unsure and unsafe. We do not have Government by consent but Government by default.
What people desperately seek today is a party to vote for which embraces the collective similarities of the four home nations as a whole and demonstrates fair and equitable polices for all. They are turning their backs on politicians they don’t trust. Discontent is rampant.
Take freedom of expression. Ordinary decent people fear repercussion when they speak out and recrimination kicks in. People are reluctant to say what they think because what they say may cause offense where none was intended. They see the rogues and wasters doing what they like – yet you mustn’t disagree or it is you who end up in trouble. People need a new sense of direction.

In my political experience these things ring true – never attempt to sell something you wouldn’t buy yourself – don’t take on a fight you can’t win – and DIVIDED PARTIES DON’T WIN ELECTIONS
UKIP must make unity our rock – our opponents will use every dirty trick in the book to unsettle, divide and conquer. I say to you have no fear, be confident – unity is our strength – our purpose – our spirit, unity is unshakeable – unbreakable – demonstrate it to the people and they will reward our passion.
Right across the nation we are blessed with a wide diversity of views of cultures, heritage, faiths and beliefs, not forgetting humour. Individually and collectively these beliefs nurture a sense of responsibility which brings accountability. To someone like me that means that the very best of diversity is worth protecting. Sectarianism and racism are servants of ignorance and wickedness ; they have no place in my politics.
As far as Cameron, Milliband and Clegg are concerned – not one of them have political representatives in Northern Ireland. But Nigel Farage does – he has me in Stormont, four Councillors in local Government and, from a standing start, 25 thousand votes in the European election. What is this United Kingdom they glibly talk about?
At home Milliband doesn’t put up candidates, Labour affiliates with the SDLP Irish Nationalist Party. Clegg doesn’t put up candidates, he aligns with our version of politically-correct, shut-eyed fence sitters. Cameron does run candidates – they were annihilated in June. Not one of them have a mandate in Northern Ireland.
We are fed up fighting other people’s wars, policing other people’s terrorists, feeding the world whilst setting up food banks in our own High Streets. We are fed up finding there are no spaces to make a home, fed up that primary school classes are crammed full, fed up that parental choice for grammar schools is being systematically removed.

In addition to this litany of misrule is the shambles of longer hospital waiting lists. People are fed up with escalating crime – with importing other people’s problems and baffled and bewildered why we are creating and giving jobs to the unemployed of every country but our own.
Fundamentally Scotland’s Devo Max could mean maintaining the Union at the cost of breaking up the Westminster system. It could mean top heavy representation managed by over-powering bureaucratic mandarins. It will not be one size fits all and it will not be the panacea some expect.
I have some experience in negotiations inside the hot house of a constitutional convention. I agree with Nigel Farage’s initiative, campaigning for a new constitutional settlement within the United Kingdom. Nigel Farage has already started the constitutional convention ball rolling.
While the Scottish vote was to stay or leave the United Kingdom, a referendum in Northern Ireland would not be about Northern Ireland going independent – it would only be about coercing 1 million pro-union people into a foreign country, namely the Irish Republic. Its outcome is known. At a constitutional convention my people could neither depend on or trust Cameron, Clegg or Milliband to fight for us – but we will look to UKIP to champion our cause in any constitutional convention.

Finally I say to UKIP : hold the line – make the difference count – and when Douglas Carswell strides boldly back into Westminster with a UKIP mandate – others will be shaking in their boots. Let’s make sure it’s their walking boots and they are taking a long hike into political oblivion

Montgomery: We shouldn’t have to contribute to another green fantasy project.


On the 23rd September, North Down Borough Council ratified the spend of £2500 as a contribution to DRD Ecar project.

The proposal locally is to provide a charging point at Bangor Aurora for electric vehicles.

The £2500 spend represents 25% of the total installation cost, in addition there will be an annual local fee of £400 to cover servicing and maintenance.

Commenting on this development, UKIP North Down Councillor John Montgomery said:

“Although this is not a substantial amount of money, I object on the basis that we already contribute heavily to the exchequer through fuel duties and road tax. This is just another stealth tax.

I feel that electric vehicles are elitist as the cost is substantially outside the range of most ordinary people.”

Commenting further, Cllr Montgomery said:

“The North Down Green Jihadi don’t like my comments. Instead, they constantly extoll the virtues of electric cars with their ‘vast environmental qualities’ and how they would seemingly reduce the use of fossil fuels.”

“They didn’t seem to want to hear the simple fact that these electric charging points are powered by fossil fuels at the generating plant. The greens are keen to embrace the cuddly points of their argument. Where they tend to trip up is, their arguments are often devoid of reality.”

“Why should we have to contribute even more money through subsidy for another green fantasy project?



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Aspects Literature Festival
25 – 28 September

It’s that time of year again! Aspects is almost upon us and this year’s programme will not disappoint!

Now in its 23rd year, this year’s festival highlights include; Falkland’s War Veteran Simon Weston OBE in conversation with Gerry Kelly, Tara West will read from her critically acclaimed novel ‘Poets Are Eaten As a Delicacy in Japan’, Michael Smiley revisits his popular series ‘Something to Ride Home About’ and broadcaster Martin Bell in conversation with Gerry Kelly and so much more!

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