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UKIP the Common Sense Party

What can UKIP do for you ?

UKIP have been setting the agenda (and copied!)

Saying the things everybody was thinking, but no-one dared mention

What UKIP will do? Ask UKIP !

Don’t ask the self-serving politicians – the ’establishment’


A vote for UKIP is a Vote for UKIP

UKIP will give you greater democracy, by listening to you and asking for YOUR opinions on key decisions.

Bill was born in North Yorkshire the son of an RAF Engineer and brought up in Buckingham. He went through the state education system until 16. He is passionate about freedom, choice, democracy and truth. He has lived in Leicestershire for nearly 30 years.

“After being made redundant, for the third time, in 1991 I entered the  Financial Services Industry. I have worked in Financial Services ever since and currently run my own consultancy company, predominantly working in the UK. I have been very active in voluntary organisations. I have a strong record of helping people in difficult situations”

Through his life Bill has always been concerned that most politicians seem to be more worried about their own position, than the electorate! “We the people should be the masters of our politicians”

He has long been disenchanted with the petty bickering between parties: “they never seem to get on with the job of making the lives of ordinary people better and fairer for all!” rather than getting on with the job!

  • We need to control our borders! We’re really on an island with finite space!
  • Likewise we have limited funds and we have to eradicate the need of food banks!
  • We cannot keep on building on the Greenbelt and Farmland – we can’t feed ourselves now !
  • We need to give more support to our farmers and fishermen
  • We need to generate more long term technical industries in Northern Ireland

UKIP is a libertarian party, is inclusive and believes YOU have an absolute right to decide the future of our country; Governance, Defence, Border Security, Taxation, Education, Welfare and Health.

Bill has most of his family roots here in Northern Ireland and owns the house he bought for his parents a stone’s throw from the church were his parents were married and are now buried.

Bill followed his parents in helping people, being a keen volunteer, a trustee and officer of some charities.

Bill has a reputation of standing for what he believes is right, even when in the minority. He believes that you should stand up for what you believe. Proving himself to be right, even against the tide.

(His father was a Rural District Councillor in the 60s and his Uncle and Aunt in Thanet borough council (80s or 90s?))

Bill’s interest in politics grew. Firstly be seeing the people of all parties working together for the good of the community. As this happened he realised that for REAL change we have to change the Government.

Bill realised that party politics was impinging on progress. Always a Euro secptic, and worried about over immigration, Bill started looking at UKIP when he realised, that it’s members are not whipped. They work for the benefit of the communities, by issue; following in general principles those of the party. They also were saying the things that most people were frightened to and to be talking common sense.

Bill has been very concerned that the two main parties appear to be too busy feathering their own nests rather than those of the electorate.

He has always believed that in a democratic society, our representatives ought to be represent US, the people. If they are being told how to vote (whipped) then it becomes a dictatorship!

For too long, politicians have let people down here in Northern Ireland

It’s time for REAL change.

UKIP stands for:-

Funding and Protecting the NHS

Standing up for investing in our local community

Being tougher on crime

Supporting our Grammar schools whilst seeking great schools and a better education for all

A fairer Australian-style points based system to control immigration. The current system is flawed.

An end to the politics of self interest and self service.

If you want change – stop voting the same way you always have – it didn’t work then …

For too long politicians have let you down.

Feathering their own nest and nepotism at YOUR cost

Selling off the family silver – and the incomes they brought the tax payer

Degrading the Health Service, the Police Service, Defence and Education

Allowing us to be dictated to by faceless mandarins in Brussels

An immigration system that allows murders, rapists and whatever in from

Europe but not the skills we need from other countries.

I and UKIP believe YOU deserve better

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