Montgomery: We shouldn’t have to contribute to another green fantasy project.


On the 23rd September, North Down Borough Council ratified the spend of £2500 as a contribution to DRD Ecar project.

The proposal locally is to provide a charging point at Bangor Aurora for electric vehicles.

The £2500 spend represents 25% of the total installation cost, in addition there will be an annual local fee of £400 to cover servicing and maintenance.

Commenting on this development, UKIP North Down Councillor John Montgomery said:

“Although this is not a substantial amount of money, I object on the basis that we already contribute heavily to the exchequer through fuel duties and road tax. This is just another stealth tax.

I feel that electric vehicles are elitist as the cost is substantially outside the range of most ordinary people.”

Commenting further, Cllr Montgomery said:

“The North Down Green Jihadi don’t like my comments. Instead, they constantly extoll the virtues of electric cars with their ‘vast environmental qualities’ and how they would seemingly reduce the use of fossil fuels.”

“They didn’t seem to want to hear the simple fact that these electric charging points are powered by fossil fuels at the generating plant. The greens are keen to embrace the cuddly points of their argument. Where they tend to trip up is, their arguments are often devoid of reality.”

“Why should we have to contribute even more money through subsidy for another green fantasy project?