Why UKIP must take the lead in shaming Google

Some of you may have noticed a news item yesterday about a Google employee – a Harvard-educated software engineer named James D’Amore – who has been fired for publishing a 10-page memo questioning the company’s diversity policies (link below). 

D’Amore’s sin was not, according to the company, expressing a view. It was not being anti-diversity: he makes clear in the memo that he is pro diversity and wants to see it done more effectively. His sin was to use as evidence the idea that men and women have different traits. 

He describes these traits in ways which make clear the positives about women and the negatives about men – perhaps even in a rather biased way (biased towards women). 

But the very fact that he has suggested that the disparity in representation of women and men in software engineering may be something to do with the differences between men and women, got him fired. 

To paraphrase Google CEO Sunder Pichai’s take on Voltaire: ‘I disapprove what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it. You’re fired.’ 

In fact, the whole thrust of D’Amore’s thesis was that it was a political bias to the left and against conservatism within Google that was the problem, and was making people with divergent views feel ‘unsafe’ within the company. Google fired him for saying it, apparently having no sense of irony whatsoever. 

Read the memo here: https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/3914586/Googles-Ideological-Echo-Chamber.pdf

I think you will agree with me that any organisation that can fire a man for writing this – and whose mission is to obtain, organise, control and sell ‘the world’s information’ – represents exactly the chilling, illiberal, authoritarian oppression that we were founded to oppose.

Voltaire also said: ‘Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities’.

I believe that every UKIP member should boycott Google, and encourage everyone else they know to do the same. There is evil abroad, masquerading as virtue. We must fight it.