Unfair Parking Fines


Simply out of touch with the common man is how one can only describe the decision by MLA’s to retain the £90 parking fine. Given that those involved in terrorism within Stormont have received less sanction it is indeed scandalous.

Where is a pensioner going to get a spare £90 to pay such an unjust and exorbitant fine, it is simply unrepresentative of the crime. For many it is nothing more than an oversight, perhaps being unaware such a punitive penalty exist.

I am aware of a very elderly couple heading to an unfamiliar hospital and straying into a bus lane facing a similar penalty. This is wrong on so many levels and must be seen for what it is, revenue gathering.

We see an increase in punitive fined issued by representatives of private landlords, known as the wild west of the sector, but for our own elected to engage is such activity should be condemned.

Messrs Edwin Poots, William Humphrey, George Robinson and Alex Easton need, uniquely, to be congratulated on their efforts on this occasion. Standing up to what is becoming known as the sneering liberal elite, holdup in their plush offices pushing their anti motorist agenda.

Unfair Parking Fines