Control must belong to the British people – not political elites

Parliament is a proxy for the will of the people. Taking back control from Brussels to Westminster is ultimately about restoring power to the British people. Those Remain MPs still trying to use Parliament to thwart the popular will by blocking Brexit have forgotten whom they work for.

The reason Article 50 doesn’t require Parliamentary approval is very simple: the majority voted for it directly in the referendum. Why do we need the people’s representatives to sanction something that the people have already approved?

The only possible purpose in holding a Commons vote on Article 50 would be to block it. The new Shadow Brexit Secretary may have disingenuously denied it at the despatch box, but it’s clear recalcitrant Remainers aren’t really asking for a vote, but for a veto.

Parliament’s newest champions over Article 50 have been strangely silent on the Great Repeal Bill, which will revoke the European Communities Act and restore Parliamentary sovereignty. That bill will go before the House. So why haven’t they declared their support for it? Could it be perhaps because they will vote against it?

For long-time Eurosceptics, it’s incredible to watch the case for Brexit now being made by government ministers. But it’s perhaps even more remarkable to see mostly Labour MPs – who pretend to stand for workers – brazenly representing the ruling classes in opposition to their own constituents.

Margaret Thatcher once said, “we didn’t roll back the frontiers of the state in Britain, only to see them reimposed at the European level”. By the same token, we didn’t vote to end anti-democratic rule from Brussels only to see it re-established by establishment elites in Westminster.

Control belongs to the people. Parliament cannot refuse it to them.