UK World Class Post Brexit


UK  World Class Post Brexit

The Greens  Liberals and Lefties have been on a put down mission since BREXIT. However, the results from Rio show we are a world class nation. This applies also to every aspect of human endeavour in which the UK involves itself.

The DUPe joined with the GLL grouping suggesting the acquisition of an Irish passport. Now let me go down the medals table and find where ROI lies, and down, and down Ah! Yes there they are languishing at 54 with one medal. The DUPe having forgotten their smash Sinn Fein mantra and now cosily in bed with the butchers of our people have picked up a few fleas, a hazard of lying with dogs, they now think like SF/IRA. Perhaps forgetting they are part of a world class nation they see Stormont for what it is, an also ran on the world stage.

Our Nation and in this case our athletes those who fund, support and otherwise encourage are the best of British.  We the British people are a class act, world class. Together we will prosper post BREXIT.