Bangor Jobs Needed


Commenting on the need for investment in jobs, training and the future of Bangor, UKIP Assembly Candidate for North Down, Bill Piper said:

Magnificent Footpaths and Lamp Standards.
“Nowhere can I ever remember seeing such magnificent footpaths, lamp standards and benches, as we have here in Bangor.  I am surprised that they are not featured more prominently on the town’s publicity posters and advertising literature.

“Whilst walking around Bangor and chatting to people during this campaign, do the people tell me of these wonderful features ? NO, they do not.

What are the local concerns? The seafront, where is the Debenhams that was promised – why has it taken so long for nothing to happen? 

Where is the investment in this place? Where is the investment of jobs, training, housing and  infrastructure in our town?”

Mr. Piper added:

“You may well say – it’s easy for you to criticise – and, yes it is always easy to criticise. But wouldn’t that money have been much better spent on generating greater training and employment here? Not just minimum wage (NLW) jobs. Real, full time and sustainable jobs with real wages. Why can’t Bangor  be a hub for jobs, for training and future building? If this was addressed- there would be the money circulating in Bangor area to fuel the shops and the investment in the long-term future of this area that is required.

This is one of the many reasons why I believe Stormont needs a serious shake-up at election time. There needs to be more joined-up thinking in that place. On May 5th, people will have the chance to send a message by electing UKIP MLAs.

 UKIP is a party focused on building a better future for our people. Let us concentrate on the important tasks for this place first – then worry about  funding the fripperies.”