The BIG EU Debate NI


The BIG  EU Debate NI

Vernon Coaker versus Nigel Farage.

Very interesting, especially for N.I., real politics, none of the usual tribalism.

Mr Coaker failed to put forward any argument as to why we should stay in the EU, just seemed to prefer to condemn Mr Farrage’s arguments as what he ‘asserts. Failing to put forward his own argument, just ‘dissing’ he component’s is hardly the best way of convincing an audience. Pity he couldn’t use a greater vocabulary.

He also suggested there were two understandings of the word “sovereignty”. Surely a dictionary – or even an encyclopaedia would only come up with one!.
Maybe we ought to club together to buy him a dictionary.

On the question of jobs and the future for our youth, from concerned parents and students in the audience, the only positive messages came from Mr Farrage, again Mr Coaker preferred to question Mr Farrage’s answer rather than give his own.

And someone tell him some valid facts why he wants us to stay in the EU.

He ‘asserts’ there is no proof of future integration. Maybe he ought to do his homework before playing with the “Real Deal”.

Even the papers form Westminster circa 1975 proved that to be a fallacy!

Whilst entertaining and spirited Mr Coaker failed to convince anyone who knew what they were talking about – shame – perhaps we’ll be fortunate to have a better calibre of person at the meeting on Friday.

Mr Coaker was not only wearing a purple tie in the picture, but a very UKIP purple tie at the event – should we read anything into this  ? – possibly not,