Jonny Lavery


I joined and I am standing for UKIP because I believe that it’s a party truly committed to people-centred change, hard work, personal freedom and standing up for people from many different walks of life.

UKIP is the only party that can accurately claim to have representation in every part of the UK, with elected representatives here, aswell as in England, Scotland and Wales. 


In North Down, hospital services are under threat, courthouses are closing denying people local access to justice, and there is a lack of investment in this part of the world. Our towns should be bustling towns every day of the week, but many have been neglected and premises lay vacant. Instead of more investment and attention, we’ve had broken promises.

UKIP offers a fresh face and a fresh approach. I will prioritise the needs of North Down and not narrow-minded party interests. 

I will stand up to protect our front-line services. I’ll stand up for and fight for investment in our local communities. 

I’ll stand up for the small business owners who are paying higher rates than ever before, but see little support in return.

I’ll stand up for our armed forces and veterans. For too long, politicians have failed to look after those who have looked after us. UKIP is a strong voice and pledges to fight for full implementation of the Military Covenant. 

North Down deserves to take its rightful place in our national politics. VOTE UKIP next Thursday and vote for a strong, determined voice for North Down as part of a strong UKIP Team in Parliament that is changing politics throughout the United Kingdom.