Farmers need support on gate prices

UKIP North Down Councillor John Montgomery has responded to the recent submission by Farm Groups NI to the Stormont Agricultural Committee.

Commenting, Cllr Montgomery said:

“The submission by Farm groups NI to the Stormont agricultural committee is starkly worrying, not least in view of concerns in recent times following various food scares.”

“We need the security of locally produced supply. The shocking statistic that farm gate prices of virtually all commodities in Northern Ireland now leaving farms is at an average of approximately 35-45% below the cost of production renders security of supply questionable.”

“This unsustainable situation facing farmers comes as large processors, large corporate food wholesalers and corporate retailers continue to maintain their enormous unsustainable profits.”

Commenting Further, the UKIP Cllr added:

“Mention is made of the mobile phone companies having to reduce their prices which has been to the benefit of consumers, a similar legislation designed to provide realistic income for farmers as proposed by Farm Groups NI could provide that vital safety net.”

“Those high profile chefs are continually extolling the virtues of locally produced produce, we can only take that counsel if farmers obtain a realistic survivable income.”