Save our car parks


Councillor John Montgomery is today shocked to read a press statement from his UKIP party leader David McNarry
“Last week, in the Assembly Regional Development Committee, I pressed departmental officials over safeguards being put in place to prevent these new councils, who are getting these car-parks for free from Mr Kennedy, selling them on to the highest bidder to help plug a hole in their finances if it arose. The officials said they were happy to consider an amendment to the Bill along these lines. Yet here we are, less than a week later, with the Minister moving super-quick to complete the give-away before any amendment to the Bill is made.”

This is disturbing news for Bangor and North Down in general where chronic lack of car parking spaces exists. The fact that our car parking space, such that it is, could be sold for development is a stunning oversight reinforcing the not fit for purpose Assembly view.  I have no doubt such revelation will disturb our residents and business people especially those who are currently struggling with public realm works. Just another potential nail in the coffin.

Unfortunately, that is not the only disturbing revelation. The proposed traffic modifications to make Hamilton Road once again a two way street are to be shelved. This despite spending £8236.60 on a Bangor Traffic Management study which demonstrated that Hamilton road was a viable proposition based on projected traffic growth.

Both issues are indicators of shameful neglect of the future of Bangor by a department notoriously difficult to deal with. North Down deserves better representation from our representatives at Stormont, which neatly returns to “not fit for purpose”.