McNarry: How can Cameron pay £1.7 billion EU surcharge while he cuts Northern Ireland block grant?


Commenting on the EU’s £1.7 Billion surcharge on the UK, David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has said:

“David Cameron has run out of road as he prepares to crash over the EU’s £1.7 Billion budgetary surcharge on Britain. Cameron is caught in the headlines with no choice other than to pay up which is a direct consequence of his dithering on EU membership. Only a weak and foolish Prime Minister would pay over this £1.7 Billion surcharge to the Brussels bureaucrats but “weak” perfectly described Cameron’s leadership. He is the quack Prime Minister of the sticking plaster solution. He should not pay a penny to Europe.”


“How can he tell the people of Northern Ireland that the UK can afford this surcharge, which represents one fifth of the Northern Ireland block grant, when he has persistently refused to ease economic pressures here in Northern Ireland and, indeed, the other regions across the UK.”