McNarry hails historic UKIP victory


McNarry hails historic UKIP victory – national mood will happen here and hit our local not-fit-for-purpose parties

David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, speaking of UKIP’s electoral by-election success has said :

“This is no flash in the pan. UKIP have trounced the Tories and shocked Labour. Both are reeling from the backlash of fed-up voters. My congratulations to Douglas Carswell MP for his historic breakthrough. UKIP have now representation in Stormont, Westminster and Brussels which no other party offers. I look forward to working with Douglas in our common aims and objectives and with our local UKIP Councillors. This switch of voting allegiances represents an unstoppable momentum with UKIP’s appeal right across the nation -which I see happening here as well as everywhere else and sending out shockwaves to our local not-fit-for-purpose parties.”