Ward Park and District Association AGM


Councillor John Montgomery attended the Ward Park and District Association AGM last night and was impressed with the turnout on such a wet evening. Even the local Politicians got into the act with a good attendance.

The existing committee were re-elected unopposed so congratulations to Chairman Mr Peter Bayly and his team for what is obviously a job well done.

The meeting raised a number of issues of concern to the association within the park including Dog Fouling, Dead trees, Trees obscuring the lighting, Graffiti, Paths in need of repair and oil pollution from the river. Favourable comment was made about the new railings over the river, something I also was involved in having noted the dangerous state of the old metal version.

Other concerns related to concerts in the parkland and perhaps the greatest irritation was levelled at Friends of Ward Park association.

Ms Sandra Millsopp gave an excellent talk on the history of Ward Park and surrounding area, The building to the left of the Library is the old cottage hospital. i will be having a closer look next time I pass.

All in all a memorable night where the numbers attending is worth another mention.