Bangor – Weed Capital of North Down


One upon a time I was so proud of our roundabouts featuring the recovered buoys. It was a cost effective way of decorating our carriageways, the colouring of which would identify a particular roundabout.

Recently much criticism has been evident over the state or our roads not least at the forest of weeds which has grown making us not so much the premier maritime borough but a weed capital. Now that some areas have been mown the situation has not necessarily improved. Instead of a forest of weeds we now have clumps of cuttings which spread onto the road surface itself. A comedy of errors!

In the past the roundabouts were carefully cared for by North Down Borough Council, however, I am now horrified to note the state of the once proud feature on our roads. Like the carriageways the weeds dominate. The new Super Council is anything but, not a bit ANDy.

Bangor Bell at Bangor Abbey


Ceremony and service was held last night to dedicate the new piece of public art now located outside Bangor Abbey. This replica of the Bangor Bell was created by Holger Lonze  The inspiration, apart form the bell itself, was the waves from the sea around Bangor.  The structure is 13 foot high on a 1 Meter base and is illuminated by led lighting. The ceremony was attended by various religious and civic dignitaries, both Bangor Abbey Choir and Bangor Ladies Choir also participated.