Montgomery: Belfast City Airport continues to be a tremendous asset on our doorstep


Montgomery: Belfast City Airport continues to be a tremendous asset on our doorstep


George Best Belfast City Airport is seen by many in the North Down Borough as a tremendous asset on our doorstep, providing convenient access to locals and tourists alike.


Commenting on the airport’s success and future potential for growth, UKIP North Down Councillor and Representative on on the Airport forum John Montgomery has said:


“It is pleasing to note the continued success at the airport where despite losing the London Gatwick service operated by Flybe in March, passenger numbers are still expected to be above 2013 figures and GBBCA is forecasting double digit growth next year.”



“Flight numbers may have declined slightly on 2013 however, this is offset by a significant increase in bums on seats to an average of 77%. The commencement by Flybe of its  3/day service between GBBCA and London City Airport (LCY) is proving to be very popular given the number of businesses in Northern Ireland with offices based in in close proximity to LCY.”



Commenting further, Councillor Montgomery added:


“I welcome the news that the airport has announced a number of new routes for 2015. Flybe to Liverpool with a new airline Vueling making its debut with a 2/week  offering to Barcelona from May. Vueling’s arrival in at the airport is a significant one as this major European operator will hopefully present further opportunities in the future”



After a recent spend on upgrading some airport facilities, it is also welcome news that the airport has announced additional spending plans that will soon see an upgrade to car parking facilities, body scan security and an extension of the covered walkway to the Fast Track parking.”



“The future prosperity of North Down can in part be echoed by how well this airport succeeds.”