MONTGOMERY: Temporary closure of Bangor Hospital unforgivable


MONTGOMERY: Temporary closure of Bangor Hospital unforgivable

Commenting on the temporary closure of Bangor Hospital, UKIP North Down Councillor John Montgomery has said:

“This temporary closure, if it is indeed temporary, is quite frankly unforgivable. Yet again, we see the evidence of a not fit for purpose executive and assembly. I am troubled also by the apparent preference towards Newtownards, whilst Bangor has the population density to support its local hospital. This is worrying because a feeling might exist that this event and thinking could become future policy within the new North Down and Ards Council.”

Commenting further, Councillor Montgomery added:

“I am also deeply concerned at the role played by our local MLAs in this affair; one is a member of the NI Assembly Committee for Health, Social Services and Public Safety, the other is an Assembly Private Secretary to the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety. Surely an appropriate oversight would have been to work with their party colleague preventing the cuts reaching Bangor in the first instance. Still, I suppose, it is difficult to tear one’s self away from the glare of the camera lens long enough to actually do the function for which they were elected.”

“The knock on effect of the closures a 20 bed ward, and the minor injuries unit will be apparent in local surgeries and the emergency department at the Ulster Hospital, both of which are already stretched to the limit. It is the users of both units where the true hardship of this will be most keenly felt. I am aware of one disabled patient who just days before closure was unaware of what the future held. A situation I am sure repeated.”

“I have asked my party Leader David McNarry MLA to arrange a meeting with the minister, however, I suspect that this Minister will be playing a game of hide and seek. He hides while we seek!”

Sinn Fein mask has once again slipped – UKIP NI Regional Organiser Brian Higginson:


Sinn Fein mask has once again slipped

-UKIP NI Regional Organiser Brian Higginson:

‘The point is to break these ba**ards – that’s the point.’

“These are the words of Gerry Adams, the man who for the past thirty years has denied that he was ever a member of the IRA, whilst simultaneously publicly honouring its members and championing their “war” of bombs, guns, murder and intimidation on the people of this country. Tonight Mr Adams has once again shown his true colours at a public meeting by resorting to this latest tactic.”

“Earlier today, Sinn Fein Education Minister John O’Dowd said: “I’m in no doubt that if I or any of my colleagues disrespected anyone’s culture, Martin McGuinness would have us expelled from Sinn Fein.” 

“Mr O’Dowd, the question must now be asked: Does this rule apply to Gerry? Gerry Adams has disrespected an entire section of this community.

Would any other Political Party Leader in this country get away with calling an entire section of the community “ba**ards” in this day and age in a public forum? I think not.”

“Then again, we are not talking about another Party Leader here are we? No, we are talking about Gerry Adams, the man with selective amnesia, who jumps from one scandal to the next, yet remains both employed, and  holier than thou in the eyes of his party colleagues.”

If no action is taken against Mr Adams for these offensive remarks, it will once again expose Sinn Fein’s double standards as it relates to equality in this country. You cannot on the one hand condemn others for immature and offensive outbursts, then on the other hand brand an entire section of the community with vulgar insults.”

“The Sinn Fein mask has once again slipped. We will see if Mr O’Dowd’s  prediction comes true. We will wait with baited breath. I trust that our local media will report this episode as widely as they would if it was any other Party Leader.”