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Government failures on Casey will prove be a massive mistake

With appalling timing after the revelations out of Telford where 1000’s of girls were systematically raped and in some cases murdered over a period of 40 years by gangs of largely Muslim men, the Government has watered down the recommendations of the Casey report commissioned after the earlier Rotherham rape gang scandal.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten

Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP leader responded,

“The watering down of the Casey report recommendations on migrant integration will prove be a massive mistake.

“Mass immigration should be stopped now once and for all, and every effort made to integrate those migrants already here. The Government refuses to do either.

“The Government’s failure is the latest in a long line of failures that will have untold consequences for our country and way of life.”

“The recommendations were an attempt at least to address the consequences of decades of uncontrolled and unlimited immigration.

“We have imported millions of people who have failed to integrate into British society and in many cases have no wish to do so.

“Mass indiscriminate immigration and the failed doctrine of multiculturalism have created profound problems for Britain that will take generations to resolve, if indeed they can be resolved.

“The elephant in the room is the issue of the Islamic identity of millions UK citizens. An identity so strong among many if its followers that it cannot integrate or be absorbed into another culture.

“While we face massive problems created by past immigration we continue to admit people demonstrably unknown numbers.

“The Government’s failure to implement the modest recommendations of the Casey report show its refusal to confront the problem.

“Those problems are profound, the vilest manifestation of which is the nationwide plague of Muslim rape gangs.

“The recommendations were an attempt at least to address the worst aspects of the failure of some communities to integrate. Worse they should not even have been controversial as they would assist those most at risk.

“How can dropping her call all public office holders to swear an oath of allegiance to British values to combat extremism be anything other than reasonable, but this Government has dropped it. Why?

“It is plain common sense that all those who move to this country should be expected to learn English, if they don’t how can they become fully part of our society, and understand both the duties and obligations of living here. But the Government has dropped it. Why?

“Only a week after Neil Basu, the National Counter Terrorism co-ordinator has warned of the threat of extremism in ‘home-schooling’, more properly micro-schools the Government is dropping a register for all homeschooling.

“And to cap it all the Government is so unconcerned about the threat both of terrorism and they failures of integration that have led to the rape gang scandals that it has cut the prosed budget from £200 to £50 million.”

Mr Batten said, “It is hard to conceive of what is going through the Government’s head to drop these recommendations, let alone to understand it. The only message that they are giving out to the perpetrators of these heinous crimes is, OK then, we don’t have the courage to confront you, and we really don’t care that much, carry on.

“The Government’s failure is the latest in a long line of failures that will have untold consequences for our country and way of life.”

Bill Etheridge MEP in Belfast

Bill Etheridge MEP made the journey to Belfast 9 March, speaking in the Holiday Inn.

UKIP North Down
Bill Etheridge UKIP MEP for West Midlands with John Montgomery, Communications, UKIP Northern Ireland

UKIP in Northern Ireland was delighted to welcome Bill to speak to us in Belfast. Do take the time to watch the video below in which he gives his thoughts on the Labour Party and the reverse Robin Hood status of wind turbines. Of particular interest to us in the Province is his utmost commitment to the Union.

Unlucky 13 – But Not For MLA’s

13 months: NI has been without Govt or Assembly. Talks followed by talks while people lie on hospital beds in pain. All the while..part-time MLAs are paid handsome full salary. HMGov needs to act by setting NI budget. They also need to of fully paying 90 MLAs .

Something! But Not For You

UKIP North DownRoyal Mail parcel delivery service is simply not up to the task. The Oh so familiar “Something for you” postcard indicates quite the reverse. Not only has Royal Mail failed to deliver the package, something not for you, but compound the action by preventing the customer from collecting the item until the next day.

This process is simply inefficient and dare I say it! Not very environmentally friendly. Despite having to pay for a service not wholly provided, the customer has to then pay for fuel or transport in order to stand in line, perhaps even outside in the rain, in order to recover their parcel. In addition having, possibly, to pay a fee for parking.

Royal Mail needs to modify its service to serve a modern society, we are no longer tied to the kitchen sink during the working day. Most families need to be out working to make ends meet and Royal Mail needs to recognise that fact providing an appropriate level of service in order to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Continually we hear glowing praise for our postmen, perhaps if the parcel service have no desire to match their level of service then consideration needs to be given to handing over to another more competent provider.

Batten down the Border

The European Commission shall not be allowed to annexe Northern Ireland  says Gerard Batten

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said: “The EU is trying to divide Northern Ireland away from the rest of the UK and attempting to undermine and reverse the EU referendum decision.

“Every party in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the Irish Republic, along with both governments have said they wish to avoid a hard border.

“The only party saying they will put a hard border in place is the European Commission, ie Michel Barnier. The European Commission must not be allowed to annexe Northern Ireland, put a disruptive hard border in place.

(There must also be no barrier to Northern Ireland’s trade with the rest of the UK. The integrity of the UK must remain in tact.)

There are a number of solutions to the Irish border issue.”

  1. Irexit – Ireland leaves the EU and has a new free trade deal with the UK.
  2. Ireland is given special trade status by the WTO due to its unique trading links and history with the UK.
  3. There is a bespoke technological border solution, without customs posts etc. This was the preferred earlier solution of the UK government. 

David Coburn Speaks at Les Patriotes Conference

David Coburn  was invited for the second time, to a conference of Les Patriotes, to speak about a potential Frexit in the future! In French of course!

Les Patriots, could be the first movement to really bring the European Union to the forefront of debate in France!


Ban old people from voting – who next?

As we celebrate 100 years since women got the vote, some are now suggesting that we ban old people from voting.

A new student campaign group for the “under 55 population” has been launched with the purpose of undoing the result of the EU referendum. Yesterday, the founder of ‘Our Future, Our Choice’, Femi Oluwole, told Sky News why he believes that Brexit, which was the largest democratic mandate in British history, should be stopped.
Oluwole suggested that the process of leaving the EU would still be ongoing in 2023, by which time he claimed there would be more Remain voters than Leave – suggesting enough older, pro-Brexit voters would have died to swing public opinion the other way, effectively just echoing what Nick Clegg, the former Liberal Democrat leader, said back in September of last year.
Shortly after the interview with Sky News, Oluwole posted on his Twitter: “Brexit voters may still be around, but the Brexit majority will be dead.”
Responding Oluwole’s comments, Dr Julia Reid MEP, one of UKIP’s founding members, had this to say: “Firstly, he makes a huge mistake in assuming that the ‘Remain vote’ still has the full support of those who voted remain during the June 2016 EU referendum.
“Prior to the referendum the then-chancellor, George Osborne, warned that a vote to leave the year would plunge us into a year-long recession and up to 820,000 jobs would be lost.
“As a consequence of

“Prior to the referendum the then-chancellor, George Osborne, warned that a vote to leave the year would plunge us into a year-long recession and up to 820,000 jobs would be lost.
“As a consequence of
‘Project Fear, many of the remain voters were actually ‘Reluctant Remainers’, as we call them. I know of one woman, who wanted to vote Leave, however, she ended up voting Remain, because the night before voting-day her brother visited her to say he’d lose his job if the UK voted for Brexit. Funnily enough, the unemployment rate dropped to a 42-year low instead.

“My second point is that Oluwole’s argument
is not only anti-democratic, it’s also rather distasteful
, and shows utter disdain for the over 55 population, many of whom are actually the same people who once voted to remain in the EEC during the 1975 referendum. The same people who eventually corrected their mistake when they were given a second opportunity more than 40 years later.
In effect, what people like Oluwole and Clegg are actually saying, is that older people’s votes shouldn’t count because some of them may not live long enough to witness their votes come to fruition.

“So what’s their suggestion then?
Ban all people over the age of 55, approximately 30% of the UK population, a sizeable proportion of whom will have fought, and lived through, WW2, from voting altogether? Hardly democratic”.
“Fortunately democracy doesn’t work that way.”

Kilroot – Security of Supply

UKIP North DownThe closure of Kilroot power station will remove at a stroke 36% of the electricity generation capacity within the province. This in itself is a threat to the continuation of supply to our homes. We must always remind ourselves of the comment “They haven’t gone away you know” when accessing and future electricity supply requirements. Any cross border link is simply a target for those who have no interest in the success of business or any other aspects of Northern Ireland.

At a time when the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is promoting the concept of America first it simply does not make sense to export jobs to another country which is precisely what this closure of Kilroot will do. We cannot afford to lose the estimated 270 jobs not least because of the loss of the skills involved before we even begin to consider the devastating effect on the families involved.

Kilroots problem stems from the fact it failed to land a contract to supply the new integrated single electricity market (ISEM). Should we ask why? In 1992 AES Corporation, in its first investment outside of the United States, purchased Kilroot. From then the healthy profits left these shores destined for the American company. Were the profits excessive and could this  explain why Kilroot could not compete within this new unified market, were the Northern Ireland consumers paying over the odds for their electricity.

Could it be that Jenny Piper, the Utility Regulator Chief Executive, sat on her hands while Ulsters consumers paid more than the needed to and is perhaps a contributing factor to the downfall of Kilroot. Electricity cost needed to be kept in line for the benefit of the Northern Ireland consumer not AES.

Enough is enough – we must stop treating drivers as cash cows

UKIP North DownBritain’s road policing chief today declared that ‘enough is enough’ as he urged a zero-tolerance policy on speeding motorists. 

But UKIP’s transport spokesman Jill Seymour responded by saying that ‘enough is enough’ regarding the constant victimisation of road users, and determination to use them as revenue-raising cash cows.

Motorists can currently exceed the speed limit by 10% before being at risk of speeding fines, but Anthony Bangham, chief constable of West Mercia Police, called for this flexibility to be scrapped.

And since he is the road policing lead for the National Police Chiefs Council, other forces are expected to take his comments seriously.

Mrs Seymour – a West Midlands MEP who is based in Mr Bangham’s West Mercia area – said: “I’m not for one moment advocating that drivers ignore the legal speed limits on our roads.

“But there is a perfectly practical and accepted reason for this 10% margin – it’s hard to read many non-digital speedometers to the nearest 1mph, and can sometimes be slightly inaccurate anyway.

“Anyone who uses a satnav on a regular basis will see that it often shows a different speed to the dial on the dashboard. Which one do you believe?”

She added: “On the new ‘smart motorways’ which are being questionably introduced at great expense, speed limits can be changed at the whim of an officer in a control centre, every few hundred yards.

“If Mr Bangham has his way, motorway drivers could spend more time looking nervously up at gantries than on the road ahead, and that raises all manner of worrying safety issues.

“Once again, the driver is being treated as a cash cow. I would urge our police chiefs to put more emphasis instead on catching the real highway criminals – those who  are driving with no tax and insurance, or using their mobile phones at the wheel.”

But Mrs Seymour did agree with Mr Bangham on one issue – that it’s time to clamp down on the use of speed awareness courses as an alternative to penalty points.

She said: “There are a lot of people whose pockets are being nicely lined by the operation of these courses. That’s the real reason we are seeing more and more of these so-called ‘safety camera’ vans on our roads.

“Drivers on a speed awareness course still have to pay almost the same price as they would to have three points on their licence and a fine, and there is no evidence that the introduction of these courses has made life on our roads any safer.

“In fact, if the Chief Constable is now calling for this 10% tolerance buffer to be scrapped, I can only conclude that he feels they simply don’t work.”